I am an Assistant Professor in Yale’s Computer Science Department, where I lead the Yale Interactive Machines Group (IMG). My main area of research is Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). An updated list of my publications can be found here and in Google Scholar.

Before Yale, I was a Post-Doctoral Scholar at the Stanford Vision and Learning Lab working on the JackRabbot project. I closely collaborated with Disney Research while I was a Ph.D. student in the Robotics Institute (RI) at Carnegie Mellon University, and worked on assisted photography while pursuing my M.S. degree at the RI as well. Even before then, I built and learned how to fly a remote controlled helicopter! This allowed me to work on video stabilization for my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at Universidad Simón Bolívar.


I study fundamental problems to enable group human-robot interactions. For instance, my work investigates social group phenomena in HRI, including spatial patterns of behavior typical of group conversations and group conformity. Further, I work on advancing autonomous, social robot behavior, both in terms of perception and decision making. An example is our work on social robot navigation. I also enjoy building robotic systems to demonstrate ideas in practice (Chester, Shutter). More details about my research can be found in my lab’s website.

If you are interested in joining my lab, please read this note about open positions at Yale IMG before contacting me.


Below are a few recent news from my research group and events that I have participated in:

New IMG work at CVPR 2021

This week, Kevin Chen will be presenting our latest work in vision-and-language navigation at CVPR and I gave a keynote presentation at the 2nd JRDB Workshop.

New 2020 Amazon Research Award!

Our work on human-driven simulations receives support from Amazon.

Our work is nominated for a Best Paper Award at HRI 2021!

Our paper about deploying robots during a pandemic was nominated for a Best Paper Award at HRI 2021, the top conference on Human-Robot Interaction.

Bleep-Bloop-Bleep! Say 'Cheese,' Human

An article about IMG's robot photographer recently appeared in Yale News and was highlighted by the ACM TechNews.

INFORMS en Español

I participated in the INFORMS speaker series, which aims to connect the hispanic community with researchers in the United States.
See the News page for more highlights about my work.